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Home Education

Home education, once licensed, is about customizing the curriculum to suit the academic and personal requirements of learners. It entails parents or guardians, assuming legal responsibility to provide a high-quality educational experience equivalent to that provided in schools at their own expense. To ensure the holistic well-being of the home-educated child, the applications, planned programmes and relevant documentation submitted by potential licen​ce holders will be vetted by the ​​Board responsible for Home Education. 

The parent or guardian, as the legally responsible person, and the home educator should be well-informed about what home education entails. The parent or guardian may apply for the home education provision of the child through the Home Education applicationThe Board responsible for Home Education will evaluate each application. ​If approved, the Board will recommend the Directorate for Quality and Standards in Education (DQSE) to issue the home education provider with a Home Education Licence. The quality of the home education provision will be monitored by external review visits​, which may ​either be planned or unannounced, ​by Education Officers from the DQSE.​

Further details: Home Education Provision Handbook​