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External Review Process

The  External Review of Childcare Centres (0 – 3 years)​

The  External Review Model  (0 – 3 years) is based on a quality framework informed by the principles of the policy documents: A National Curriculum Framework for All (MEDE, 2012), the Educators’ Guide for Pedagogy and Assessment - Using a Learning Outcomes Approach: Toolkit for the Early Years Cycle (MFED, 2015), the National Standards for Child Day Care Facilities (MFSS, 2006), the National Standards for Early Childhood Education and Care (0-3 years)(MFED 2021), A Language Policy for the Early Years in Malta and Gozo (MEDE,  2015), as well as national and international  policies and research related to key elements of best practice in ECEC and quality assurance.

The exter​nal review of childcare centres is normally a yearly exercise involving a review team made up of a Compliance Officer from the Regulatory and Compliance Section (RCS) of the DQSE, and an Education Officer from the Education Review Section (ERS) of the DQSE. 

During the visit, the review team conducts, meetings with the LRP (if present) and/or the centre manager, reviews any requested documents, carries out observations, discusses informally the outcomes of observations between themselves and gives final feedback. The outcomes of the visit are included in a report which is sent to the LRP. The outcome of the process will determine the registration of the status for the upcoming calendar year.​